The EnerMax-H household energy storage system is specially developed by COSLINK to work with household PV systems. It integrates the hybrid inverter, 48V LFP battery packs and monitering module, etc. The system supports for up to 20kWh capacity expansion based on its modular design and provides customers a great compatibility with its supports for input from the grid, diesel generators, PV, and batteries.
Easy to install, saving deployment time and cost, Light and slim design for easy wall-mounting, reducing installing footprint
Support of On-grid and off-grid deployment
Support of simultaneous input from grid, diesel generator, PV, and batteries
Flexible energy configuration options from 5kWh to 20kWh
Safety certification: TUV, CE, UN38.3, etc.
All-in-one and modular design, high energy density, multiple communication interfaces: RS485, RS232, and CAN

- Newly installed PV energy storage system
- PV system retrofit for energy storage
- Off-grid power supply at weak-power areas