EnerMax-C&I distributed power control cabinet integrates the hybrid inverter, current cabinet DC confluence, battery management system (BMS) master control, display screen, local energy management system (EMS), power distribution module, access control system, and water immersion system into an independent outdoor cabinet. The product allows for multiple channels of PV and battery input, on- and off-grid operation, as well as indoor and outdoor use. The standard unitized design makes the product able to be flexibly configured according to actual application scenarios.
Multiple channel input
Support of simultaneous input from batteries and PV, support of multi-channel PV/battery input
Support of PQ, VF and VSG, etc.
Wide voltage range
Allow for a wide voltage range on DC side
On- & off-grid switching
Seamless switching between on-grid and off-grid
MPPT & remote monitor
Support of the function of MPPT, support of local and remote monitoring
Strong environmental adaptability with IP54 protection level

- User-side PV energy storage scenario
- PV energy storage scenario at the end of power distribution networks
- Micro grid or off-grid power supply scenarios