EnerMax-C&I distributed energy storage cabinet (CS50K50S-H) adopts all-in-one design, which integrates the energy storage batteries, battery management system, modular PCS, STS, local monitoring system, fire-proof system, temperature control system, power distribution module, access control system, and water immersion system into an independent outdoor cabinet. This product is mainly used in scenarios such as commercial buildings, shopping centers, communities, end of power distribution networks, etc. The product can be compatible with wall-mounted/19-inch-rack-mounted PCS. The standard unitized design makes the product able to be flexibly configured according to actual application scenarios.
All-in-one design, improved space usage with small footprint
Fast deployment
Easy to install, operate and maintain
Strong environmental adaptability with IP54 protection level
Modular design
Support easy maintenance and capacity expansion
Remote monitor
Support of local and remote monitoring
Enhanced safety
Imbedded with 2-level fire-proof system for enhanced system safety

- Communities and commercial buildings
- Hospitals, shopping centers, public parking lots, etc.
- End of power distribution networks
- PV-ESS-charger, micro grid, emergency power supply, or backup power supply, etc.