The EnerSmart Telecom Li-ion Battery (Enersmart Li) is designed for various 48V  application scenarios, and it is composed of prismatic LFP cells, intelligent battery management system (BMS), and bidirectional DC converter (BDC). The product feaures active control of the charge and discharge voltages to solve the bias current and circulating current issues inside battery packs when connected in parallel. Moreover, this product allows for mixed use of lithium and lead-acid batteries and can be used for smart peak shifting and off-peak power consumption to save customers' initial investment and thus enhance the income on investment.
Mixed use
Support of mixed use of lithium, lead-acid, and recycled batteries
High-efficiency BDC
Integrated with high-efficiency BDC allowing for active charge and discharge control
High energy density
Standard rack-mounted installation design (3U size) with high energy density
Remote control
Support of remote monitoring and maintenance
Large current
Support of large current charging and discharging with extended service life
Constant voltage
Support of constant-voltage long-distance power supply

- New 5G telecom base station

- High-power long-distance power supply

- Base station retrofit for 5G

- Other forms of telecom base stations:

conventional base station cabin, outdoor cabinet

- Other 48V application scenarios